1) Wagon wheel sampler platter $22.90++

a huge helping of potato skins, Crisp Fried Zucchini, Shrimp Cocktail and chicken strips

2)Fried Calamari $15.90++

Deep fried calamari with our home made sauce

3)Buffalo Style Chicken Strips $14.90++

Marinated in our buffalo spicy sauce and served with Bleu Cheese

4)Double Dip Chicken Strips $13.90++

Served with ranch and honey mustard sauce

5)Cheesy Garlic Bread $8.50++

French bread, creamy garlic , Cheddar & parmesan Cheese

6)Potato Skins $8.50++

Loaded with Fresh cheddar, bacon and chives

7)Shrimp by the Dozen $13.50++

Served with our own cocktail sauce

8)Crisp Fried Zucchini $13.50++

Hand breaded and served with our own cucumber sauce




Choice of Toppings for burgers only

Sauteed mushroom/ caramelised onions / pickels / jalapeno /

fried egg / Crispy Bacon

1) All American Burger $23.90++

a half pounder topped with cheese and served with two toppings

2)Crisp Chicken Sandwich $20.90++

Deep fried Chicken Thigh topped with cheese and served with two toppings

3)Cheesy Garlic Bread Steak Sandwich $21.90++

our sensational cheesy garlic bread, piled high with slices of grilled steak & tpped with fresh pico de gallo

4)Philly Steak Sandwich $21.90++

Sauteed Sliced Beef served with cheese , capsicum & onion


We seasoned, seared and slow roasted Prime Rib of beef carved to order.

1) Full Pound Cut 16oz $79.90++

2) Half Pound Cut 8oz $49.90++

3)Three quarter Pound Cut 12oz $65.90++



1 Choice of Sauce for our steaks

Pepper Sauce / Teriyaki Sauce/ Red Wine Sauce / Bearnaise Butter /

Basil Butter

1)Prime Rib Eye Steak $69.90++

Of all the beef produced in the U.S. , not more than 3% is certified as USDA Prime Grade.

2)Rib Eye Steak 10oz $59.90++ / 12oz $56.90

Well marbled , making this cut tender , juicy and extremely flavourful.

3)New York Steak 10oz $49.90++ / 12oz $53.90++

Hearty and robust, a perfect balance of flavour, texture and tenderness.

4)Tenderfoot Filet Mignon 8oz $59.90++ / 11oz $73.90++

Our most tender cut of beef

Add on Entree

1) Pork Rib $12.00++

2)Prawns $18.00++

Add on Sides

1)Multigrain Bread $3.00++

Sliced multi Grain Bread with delicious whipped butter to cmpliment your meal

2)Mushroom topper $3.00++

Top your steak or prime rib with sauteed mushroom

3)Onion Topper $3.00++

Sauteed onions hit the spot!


1) Grilled Salmon $29.90++

a Fresh boneless salmon filet, delicately seasoned and grilled to flaky perfection.

2)Grilled jumbo Prawns $39.90

Basted with garlic, lemon and butter. 5 Rewards for a long day on the ranch.

3)Grilled Rack of Lamb $45.90++

Tender Lamb served with rosemary sauce.


1) Rib Stickin Baby Back Pork Ribs (BBQ/CAJUN/ FIERY)

HALF RACK $33.90++

FULL RACK $46.90++

our fall off the bone marinated , seasoned , slow roasted and finished over an open fire. smothered in your choice of sauce.

2)Centre Cut Pork Chop $32.90++

Griled and served with our own spicy seasoning

3)Bronco Bustin BBQ Chicken & Ribs $38.90++

A half rack of our famous baby back pork ribs paired with a grilled chicken breasts & basted with BBQ sauce.

4)Grilled Chicken Teriyaki $27.90++

A half pound chicken breast, basted with our famous sesame teriyaki sauce.

5)Steakhouse Salad (Beef/ Chicken / Salmon) $19.90++

Your choice of meat served with fresh tomatos, bleu cheese crumble, egg, advocado & bacon, all atop a bed of crisp lettuce

6)Chicken Ceaser Salad $18.90++

our signature caeser salad, piled high and topped with sliced char grilled checken breasts

7)Greek Salad $17.90++

Traditional Salad topped with cucumber, tomatoes, onion, pitted olive , feta cheese and green bell peppers.


1) Creme Brulee Cheescake $9.90++

rich creamy cheesecake

2)Sky High Mud Pie $11.90++

Fudge swirled mocha almond ice cream in a chocolate cookie crumb crust

3)Banana Chocolate Mousse $7.90++

Rich Chocolate mousse layered on banana puree with an oreo cookie base

4)Vanilla / Chocolate / Strawberry ice cream with hot fudge

$2.50++ per scoop


1)Long Island Iced Tea $18.50++

Rum, vodka, Gin, Triple Sec, sweet and sour topped with coca cola

2)Golden Spike $18.50++

Vodka, Gin, Rum, Pineapple Juice, sweet and sour and malibu rum

3)Singapore Sling $18.50++

Gin, DOM, Grenadine, Pineapple juice, lime juice , cheery brandy and a dash of angostura bitter

4)Hand Shaken Mohito $16.50++

Rum with frsh mint, lime juice and topped with soda

5)Rio Grande Magarita $16.50++

Golden Tequila, Triple Sec & Margarita mix

6)Classic Martini $16.50++

Dry Vermouth topped with choice of vodka or gin

7)Cosmopolitan $16.50++

Vodka, lime mix and cranberry juice

8)Bloody Mary $16.50++

Vodka, Tomato juice, lemon juice, worchester sauce , tobasco and a pinch of pepper.

9)Irish Coffee $16.50++

Rich Coffee and jameson irish coffee topped with whipped cream

10)Splash $8.00++

thirst quenching cranberry juice, lemon juice and soda

11)Lemonade $8.00++

Lemon juice and sprite

12)Soft Drink Can - Sprite / Coke Zero / A&W / Tonic Water / Ginger Ale $5.50++ per can

13)Refillables - Coke / Unsweetened Tea $5.50++ per glass

14)Fruit Juices - orange / mango / pineapple / cranberry / lemon / lime $6.50++ per cup

15)Floats - Coke / A&W / Sprite $7.50++ per cup

16)MilkShakes - Vanilla / Chocolate / Strawberry

$8.50++ per cup

17) Mineral Water

Evian (500ml) 6.00++

Aqua Panna (750ml) 9.00++

S. Pellegrino Sparkling Water (750ml) 9.00++

S.Pellegrino Sparkling Water (500ml) 6.00++


Regular $4.50++

Decaffinated $4.50++

Expresso Single $4.50++ / Double $7.50++

Cappuccino $5.00++

Latte $5.00++


BreakFast Tea $4.50++

Earl Grey Tea $4.50++

Chamomile $4.50++


1)Tiger Draught Beer

Glass $10.90++

Pint $17.00++

Jug $35.00++


Kilkenny (Can) 16.00++

Guiness Stout $15.00++

Heineken $14.00++

Corona $14.00++

3)Whiskey (Per Shot)

Jack Daniels $13.50++

Johnny Walker $13.50++

Jameson $13.50++

4)Whiskey Single malt (Per Shot)

Balvenie $19.50++

Macallan $19.50++

5)Brandy (per Shot)

Martell V.S.O.P $17.00++

6)LIQUORS (per Shot)

Benedict D.O.M $13.50++

Bacardi Rum $13.50++

Beefeater Gin $13.50++

Cointreau $13.50++

Jose Cervo Gold Tequila $13.50++

Smirnoff Vodka $13.50++

Martini Extra Dry $13.50++

Malibu Rum 13.50++

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